Minneapolis Dates: April 22-28th

I'm coming back to Mpls. for 1 week.
Just returning from another adventure in INDIA!
Loring Park Studio

Spa Days: A serene oasis – warm, welcoming, peaceful

Return to basics.  Return to nature.  Return to self.  I am now offering full day retreats at the spa to help you relax even deeper into your body.  This contemporary oasis is just north of San Francisco.  Join me for a day of utter relaxation physical and/or emotional support.  Melt in the warm meditation pool as I float you like a baby with watsu massage.  Relax the body and the mind while feeling supported and nourished.    There is a fireplace to watch the flames dance and reflect.  A garden to meditate.
✨ Lunch before or dinner afterwards at a 4 diamond restaurant on site to nourish & ground the experience. ✨
Spa hours avail between 9am-8pm.  These sessions are not timed, but usually last between 4-6 hours. $860

New Rates

Unfortunately, the rent keeps going up in the Bay,  so I have new rates:
$120/ 60 minutes
$175/ 90 minutes
$230/ 120 minutes

There's a reason to be curious. 💖 Lorelei has magical hands. 💖

I'm back in the Bay Area this Week!!  Try my Movement Dance Massage: This is a brand new style of massage I've developed that combines dance + bodywork. The fusion uses various forms of movement including contact dance techniques, lomi lomi relaxing strokes and ayurvedic marma point therapy to roll over the muscles for deeper connection and release points. It must be experienced to fully capture the essence.  The intention is to create expansion, openness and healing.  Your job is to be passive, receive and breathe deeply into your body.  In that space of surrender is where the magic lies. Text or Email to schedule a session.  💖

Massage is more than just manipulating tissue.

 It's a whole experience.  I love to create a container that allows you to breathe, relax and deeply surrender.  Allow me to do the work and be receptive to experiencing the of merging of heaven and earth through your beautiful body temple.  Love yourself enough to give yourself the gift of touch.  It is powerful medicine for mind, body and spirit.

Duet or Couples Massage Sessions

Couples massage is a popular service for couples looking to share an experience together.  There are two different ways a couples massage can happen.

1.  Two Therapists: Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. It can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, moms and daughters, or best friends.  It is sometimes also called a duet massage.
Booking Time: 90 min. each
$350  (Requires 24 hour booking for two therapists)

2. One Therapist:  One person is receiving while the therapist and the other part of the couple is giving.  Each partner gets a chance to give and receive.   This is a great way to connect and learn a few techniques from a professional on how to set up a cozy, warm and relaxing massage space, how to touch in a slow and soothing manner,  learn new and different massage techniques.   Homework may be given to bring home and continue the practice of touch. 
Booking Time: 120 min. (60 min. giving/ 60 min. receiving)

Seize the day: 2016 Dates

Catch me if you can.  Dates are always subject to change as I choose to lead a life that has a lot of freedom and flexibility.  Plus you never know what kind of adventure is just around the corner.

Dec: SF Bay Area

Jan - April 2017:  India 

Look forward to connecting,

Namaste! I'm back from India. 😻

Here I am at the AMAZING Taj Mahal! Feeling Blessed.

Next Level Touch

I know fully what I am... a rare jem that is hard to find. What I have to offer Men & Women is beyond what I've learned from the classroom and lectures. In fact, it can not be taught, it has to be felt & emerge from the heart space within. I offer a touch so divine because it's been curated and refined from the hundreds of bodies my hands have had the pleasure to nurture over years. It a special unique blend that is mature, loving and embodied. It's part of who I am and why I am here on this planet... to help in some capacity, one body at a time.

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