I am on vacation until April 2016

Namaste.  Sorry I'm in India at the moment.  I will be returning in April and look forward to a time we can connect in the future.

Duet or Couples Massage Sessions

Couples massage is a popular service for couples looking to share an experience together.  There are two different ways a couples massage can happen.

1.  Two Therapists: Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. It can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex partners, moms and daughters, or best friends.  It is sometimes also called a duet massage.
Booking Time: 90 min. each
$350  (Requires 24 hour booking for two therapists)

2. One Therapist:  One person is receiving while the therapist and the other part of the couple is giving.  Each partner gets a chance to give and receive.   This is a great way to connect and learn a few techniques from a professional on how to set up a cozy, warm and relaxing massage space, how to touch in a slow and soothing manner,  learn new and different massage techniques.   Homework may be given to bring home and continue the practice of touch. 
Booking Time: 120 min. (60 min. giving/ 60 min. receiving)

December Bay Area Schedule

Just a heads about my availablility.
I will be in the Bay today until Dec. 30th.  
After that I will be away traveling in India  (Jan - April 2016).

Incall: Alemeda
Outcall: Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, San Francisco 

Happy Holidays,

Next Level Touch

I know fully what I am... a rare jem that is hard to find. What I have to offer Men & Women is beyond what I've learned from the classroom and lectures. In fact, it can not be taught, it has to be felt & emerge from the heart space within. I offer a touch so divine because it's been curated and refined from the hundreds of bodies my hands have had the pleasure to nurture over years. It a special unique blend that is mature, loving and embodied. It's part of who I am and why I am here on this planet... to help in some capacity, one body at a time.

Comments / Testimonials

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Every connection can vary so much. This section helps new clients get a quick overview of unique experiences shared.
Touch is very important and when you are deciding to get a massage, you should most importantly feel comfortable with your massage therapist touch.

You have only one body to carry you throughout your lifetime.
It works hard to serve you in everything you do. You should honor it, treat it well, balance out your physical and emotional stresses, and nourish it with unconditional love and care.
You should not settle for less.

I love helping you feel great!!

You can tell if your therapist likes what they do for a living. I love my job. Helping people feel good through health, healing, loving and nurturing are the best parts about it.

A Bit About Lauralie

I have been practicing professionally for 11 years and love the art of healing through Bodywork. I offer the modalities of Therapeutic Full Body Relaxing, Light/Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lomi Lomi & Ayurvedic Massage. My specialty is a creative fusion of different techniques incorporating East & West styles.

With each session expect deep relaxation, loving hands & a calm presence to nurture your mind, body & spirit.

I describe my technique style as fully embodied, free flowing & organic (not mechanical by-the-textbook robotic moves). I use long strokes and try to connect with each client and put my intent of healing energy into him or her. Since energy is circular, I believe that what you put out there in the universe will come back.